• a person, group, or business that exploits, victimizes, or preys on others: a sexual predator who targets children (or anyone); corporate predators who go after smaller rivals.
  • an overbearing, greedy or selfish person.



  • the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm.
  • a document (or contract, verbal agreement, other) that assures safety from harm, delay, or the like, for the person, persons, or property specified in it.



  • an architectural support for a column, statue, vase, or the like.
  • a supporting structure or piece; base.

*Definitions obtained from

I’ve been grieved recently. Heavy. Partly from watching what has been unfolding in a ministry in Kansas over the last several months.

I started to think back on a scenario I was in several years ago at a church I used to attend. This church was and is on fire for God, loves the supernatural, His gifts, and the Holy Spirit is welcome there. Many of the people and leadership there love very well. I loved being in that house.

There was this one individual who was very gifted, very likable, and everyone loved him. I noticed pretty quickly that even though deeply loved, he was also idealized. I was told that I needed to honor him, but I quickly pointed out and warned others that they should actually watch out for him and keep boundaries in place. The warnings were not heeded. My warnings and concerns were dismissed, and I was looked down on and spoken to like I did not know what I was talking about. A year later this individual sexually molested a young adult woman.

Several questions are swirling in my spirit that I will try to put into words…

Why are predators protected and pedestaled?

Why are warnings not heeded?

Are the molested, used, and abused individuals heard? Defended? Protected? Fought for?

Should we be protecting a predator or the ones that predator has taken from?

What is the gain in protecting a predator?

What is being done or put in place so that it does not happen again/keep happening?

How do you restore, deliver, heal both sides of the scenario?