Take a look at the screenshots below. 

Notice the X in spacex, the X in the United States Space Command Logo that marks an X over the United States, and the X on twitter. 

I don’t have all the answers, but I am observant. 

In 2020 we were hit with a global scale deception/plandemic (or a demonic plan) that deceived the nations and many lost their lives. 

We are now in 2024. 

What is God doing? 

What is He not doing? 

Are we about to get played again? 

Technology exists that can place false signs in the sky and make it appear to be God to fool and deceive you.

Watch out for fear tactics to control you or to have you submit to something demonic and not of God. 

Ask God for discernment and wisdom. 

Walk by His Spirit and not by everything you see or are being told. Including anything I say or show you. Take it all back to Him. 

X marks the spot. What city name is in the middle of the X? Rapture. 

Watch for a fake rapture or alien invasion possibly using a tech called Bluebeam or something else.